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WHY DON'T RVer's know these things?


Today is a compilation of 6 RV maintenance tips that are often hidden, over looked or not even given much thought. Most of these tips are for all types of RV’s but a couple are just for motorhome owners.

#1 Let’s start off with a common problem that every RV owner will experience at one time or another. And that’s a sink drain that doesn’t drain properly.

#2 This next one is also a common problem but with motorhome owners and especially with gas motorhome owners.

#3 Let’s talk about bugs. All of us no matter what type of RV you have, smashed bugs on your tow vehicle windshield, the motorhome windshield or the leading edge of any towable trailer is a real problem. It’s important to get these bugs off and not let them get baked in. Smashed bugs are bad for your paint job and if their on your windshield it can really obscure your view while driving. I’ve put together a compilation of 6 RV maintenance tips that are often hidden, over looked or not given much thought. Most of these are for all types of RV’s and a couple are just for motorhome owners.

The key to getting smashed bugs off easy is to apply Spray on RaineX OR apply RejeX on the windshield and on the leading edge of your pull behind, 5th wheel or what have you. Either of these products creates a film barrier. After a day of traveling and I arrive at our destination—where ever that is, I take a bucket of water, my awesome telescoping pole—this is best pole ever…way better than one of those clumsy painters pole—my soft brush and my squeegee.

#4 Replacing Step covers Having step covers on your RV IMO is a very important thing to do. It not only gives you a place to wipe your feet off before you enter the RV but more importantly the safety features they offer. If you have pets, how many times have you seen them scamper or run up those steps and trip or slide and hit their legs on those steps? When metal steps that don’t have carpet covers and get wet or in freezing temps it’s even worse. People and pets can and do slip on the steps, sometimes falling and hurting themselves. It happens more than you think.

Well this winter I replaced my RV step covers.These are the best step covers out there bar none, they’re not that expensive, they come in 3 colors, you can buy them in singles too if you only have one or two steps.

#5 Refurbished my gas filler port. Now this is another motorhome item and you know how I like to keep everything in our motorhome not only working top notch, but I want everything to look it’s best too. Well after 10’s of 1,000’s of miles my gas filler port—you know the area where I fuel up— was looking pretty ragged. It needed some attention.

#6 TPMS Gasket lube All of you fans that watch my channel know that the number one thing I watch and pat attention to is what? Let’s see a show of hands……that’s right…my tires. And part of taking care of my tires is having a reliable, accurate TPMS. A Tire Pressure Monitoring System. Applying Gasket lube on the “O” ring on the TPMS sensors will keep them from drying out, cracking and allowing water to get into the sensor.

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We are in no way experts or professional mechanics. But being a journeyman millwright for years & being EX Military, has proven to be very helpful in my lifetime learning how to care for & maintain all sorts of machinery & equipment like: helicopters, airplanes, tanks, motorcycles & many types of other vehicles. That, along with 18 months preparing & upgrading our RV before we went full time, & now traveling for several years has gained us a lot of knowledge. Regardless of what we recommend, consult a professional if you're unsure about working on your RV. Work you perform or products you purchase based on any information we provide is at your own risk.

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