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I Stopped Resealing My RV Roof u0026 Did This Instead

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✨Products featured in this video:
✅Eternabond Tape 50' x 6"
✅Eternabond Tape 50' x 4"
✅Eternabond Tape 50' x 2"
✅Camco Water Brush
✅Eternabond Primer
THE ONE YEAR UPDATE VIDEO    • The RV Eternabond Roof Seal Modificat...  
THE TWO YEAR UPDATE VIDEO    • I Stopped Resealing My RV Roof 2 Year...  

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RV Roof Maintenance In this episode we will show you how to stop wasting time and money on lap sealant on your travel trailer / 5th wheel / camper or any RV roof and start using Eternabond Roof Seal as a permanent solution.

UPDATE: I saw a comment that Eternabond MAY NOT BE USED TO COVER SEAMS AND SEALS and THAT IT IS ONLY MEANT FOR TEMPORARY ROOF MEMBRANE REPAIRS, because that's what they saw on the internet. That is actually not true at all. Here are some screen shots taken directly from the Eternabond website:

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✅ Camco Rhino Flex Sewer Hose & Elbow Kit
✅ Camco 90 Degree Clear Sewer Elbow
✅ Camco RV Water Filter
✅ Rubber Wheel Chocks
✅ Hughes Watchdog 30 Amp Surge Protector/EMS
✅ Hughes Watchdog 50 Amp Surge Protector/EMS
✅ Liquified RV Tank Treatment
✅ Tire Minder TPMS
✅ Water Pressure Regulator
✅ Rubber Gloves 6 Mil
✅ Collapsible Water Hose

✅ Boeshield T9 Rust Preventative & Lubrication
✅ Geocell Proflex Seal
✅ Road Tool Kit

✅ Camco Cross Bar Door Handle
✅ Shower Caddy
✅ Soap Dish
✅ Oxygenics Shower Head (White)
✅ Oxygenics Shower Head (Brushed Nickel)
✅ Perfect RV Paper Towel Holder
✅ Dimmer Switch
✅ Sliding Door Latch
✅ Foldable Storage Bins

✅ X Chocks
✅ Carmtek 10 Digit Keyless Entry System (see the video here:    • This RV Keyless Entry Doorlock is the...  )
✅ Low Point Drain Valves

✅ Blackstone Griddle 22”
✅ Blackstone Griddle 28"
✅ Outdoor Gravity Chairs
✅ Ground Mat
✅ TurboAnt Electric Scooters

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