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In's u0026 Out's of BUYING u0026 INSTALLING New Motorhome Tires


New tires for a motorhome is a big expense. There are other details you should consider while your at it. Stressed supply chain makes things difficult.

Even though I could have gotten more life out of the tires, being a full timer, I need good tires that I can rely on going forward in the future. I wanted to change them out now while I still could. With inflation now on rise and supply chains already stressed, I didn’t want to wait another 6 months to a year and then deal with getting new tires, even if I could find them. I’m already seeing and hearing reports from many RVer’s around the country, that many tires now are hard to find, back ordered for weeks/months and that’s if you can find them at all. And from what I’m seeing, it’s only going to get worse.

With my past experience with Toyo tires, I decided to go with M122 all the way around. They are a wider tire than the Michelin 235 x 80R22.5 XRV tires that comes standard on many Class A motorhomes or even the M154 Toyo that some Class A owners go with for a Michelin replacement. Even though the M154 are a little wider, I like the M122 because they’re even a little more wider. I like more meat on the road. Even though there are wider than the above two tires, they still allow enough clearance between the dually’s to keep the tires cool. Don't go any thicker on the dually’s. It will prevent tires to proper cool. In the past 4.5 years with my rear Toyo’s, my TPMS always showed those tires running right around 105º or so, and that’s in the summer with 90psi. They’re a terrific tire IMO.

When you install new tires, it takes about 1K2K miles or so for them to really settle in and handle their best. They’re new, the tread is still soft & the tires have never been warmed up with regular driving. As you drive more miles they will perform better.

My list I covered for my tire installer:
• Use two jacks under both axles, not one
• Don’t forget that I have some dummy lug nuts on all outside rim covers
• On the lug nuts themselves, I have 3 tapered lugs on each rim to insure the rims centered before the other lugs are put on Once he takes off all the lug nuts I want to mark all 12 of them myself and then I’ll give them back to you.
Please be sure the install guy puts on the tapered lug nuts first before the others
• When you remove all the old stainless steel stems and extensions please give me the old ones back. I have a YT channel and lots of my fans have been looking forward to me a video on this tire replacement. So I want to cover these in that video. I’ve marked all the old ones. Please give me all the old ones
• Install all new stainless steel stems and the two extensions
• Have inside dually extension made 1” shorter than the old ones so my rim rubber grommet inserts will fit properly
• Have inside dually wheels rotated so that both stems are close together… hole off
• Road Force balance all new tires and reinstall the Centramatic rings
• Air up new tires to 90psi

It took Southern Tire 3wks. to get these tires and they installed Dill Stainless Stems and Extensions
Address: 11120 TX75, Conroe, TX 77378, United States
Phone: 9368562812

• The rubber grommets I showed to hold the extensions firmly in place are hard to find. BUT....I finally have them in my Amazon Store in the "Tire, Engine & Chassis Care" category. And I highly recommend installing Dill Stainless Stems and Extensions

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