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14 Unmistakable Signs Your Cat Really Loves You

Jaw-Dropping Facts

In this video, you will learn 14 signs that show your cat really loves you.

Purring in your presence
More often than not, cats purr when they are happy and content. If your cat purrs when you pet them, it means they feel very comfortable around you, and that they are happy you are there.
Do keep in mind that cats also purr when they are in pain or nervous.
An upright tail when you are around
You can learn a lot about your cat’s feelings if you observe their tail closely. Although a lowered tail, a puffedup tail, or an arched back is a signal that a cat feels threatened, an upright tail or a "question mark" shape of the tail indicates that your pet is confident and happy in your presence. A tail curled around your leg or arm is also a sign of affection and friendship.
Your cat follows you around
If your cat follows you around the house, you're probably a big interest of theirs. Research has shown that cats view their owners as a source of safety and comfort. So when you disappear behind a closed door, they might feel less safe and seek you out to continue to take advantage of the comfort you provide them.
They lick you
More often than not, cats lick you to show you affection and love. it’s their way of grooming you and showing they care about your wellbeing. In the wild, cats that are close to one another often groom each other.
Your cat headbutts you
A headbutt is another way in which cats can tell you that they love you.
By rubbing their body against you, they are identifying you as one of their friends, and marking you as their own property.
Felines have scent glands on their forehead, chins, and cheeks that release pheromones. By rubbing their face on you, your cat is depositing their unique scent on you and marking you as a buddy. They mean to let other felines know that you are their special human.
Your cat shows you their tummy.
If your feline friend is laying or rolling on the floor with their belly up beside you, it is a sign that they feel safe and are comfortable being vulnerable.
Your cat nibbles you a lot
Some cats express their affection through gentle love bites. This is definitely distinguishable from an aggressive bite, as one hurts and the other doesn't.
If your cat likes to nibble on your arm or toes, it is a sign that your pet wants to play with you, and that you guys are best buddies.
Your cat kneads you
Kneading starts just after a cat is born. This action is used to stimulate milk flow from their mother. Because your cat associates the warmth of their mother and a full belly with feelings of happiness, they may continue to do this whenever they feel content or happy with you.
If your cat kneads on you, it is a sign that they enjoy your company, and that they accept you as part of their family.
Your cat blinks at you slowly
The slow blink is another sign of feline affection that is often missed by humans. If you notice your cat stares at you and they slowly close and open their eyes, they are trying to tell you that they trust you and care about you.
Next time you see your feline slow blinking at you, try mimicking their slow blinks to return their affection!
They nap with you
Cats are very particular about where they sleep. if your cat chooses to nap near you, or even on your head or lap, know that you are someone special to them. If they feel safe enough with you to fall asleep near you, they really trust you.
Calm expressions
Cats are so subtle that even a neutral expression can mean they are ecstatic to see you. A calm cat displays relaxed body language indicates that everything is good and that your feline is happy being in your presence.
They gurgle all the time
If you hear your cat growling, hissing or yowling when you approach them, it's a sign that they are upset and potentially feeling threatened by you. However, soft meows, chirps and trills can all indicate your cat is in a particularly cheerful or excited mood. Your feline companion is happy and is enjoying your company.
Bringing you dead animals
Though they might not be the kind of things you'd put on your wishlist, your cat may bring you presents — like a dead mouse, frog, bug, trash, or their toys — because they love you.
Cats are natural hunters, and they only share their prey with someone they trust.
They hang out in your space
Cats often scatter when they don't feel comfortable and they'll slink off when they are feeling stressed. They will often show animosity or discomfort, particularly with strangers, by simply vacating the premises.

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