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What Cats Do At Night - Purranormal Cativity

Cole and Marmalade

Nighttime activities are the norm for nocturnal animals such as cats. It is normal for them to be active at night which can be really annoying for their owners. Given the choice, a cat would sleep all day long and then about eight or nine in the evening, she would get up, stretch, scratch, eliminate and go about the business of being a cat. Cats are most active from middle/late evening to the early hours of the morning. The only thing wrong is that the cat's activity schedule is 180 degrees out of phase with yours. So whenever you enjoy watching you cat sleeping at daytime you secretly praise your night enemy to keep on interrupting your own sleep. So what's the way out? There are two of them. First you can try to make your cat change its lifestyle but not allowing him to sleep during the day. Second thing is not to sleep along with your cat and catch him red-handed when he tries to wake you up again... or you can simply watch what cats do at night time and prevent them from doing it!

Cole & Marmalade!

posted by dewadewa72