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15 Signs Your Cat Considers You Its Mother

Jaw-Dropping Facts

Imprinting is common in mammals. It is a critical period where an animal picks one person or animal and forms a strong and enduring bond with that figure. Cats have been known to imprint on humans, showing an obvious preference for one person over others.
Your cat may imprint on you when they see you as a source of safety, shelter, food, and companionship. While some people consider cats aloof, many cats have a favorite person in the house who they’ve grown especially fond of.
But, how do you know if your cat has imprinted on you? In this video, we will talk about 15 ways your cat is saying you are their favorite person.

Your cat follows you around
Following you around the house is one of the most common signals that your cat has imprinted on you. If your cat follows you to the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen, then you and your cat have developed a deep attachment. It shows how much your pet loves to be around you. Your cat is looking to you for love and company, and for cues as to what will happen next.
You’re their sleep buddy
Cats are very concerned about their safety and won’t sleep where they aren’t sure about their surroundings. If your cat has imprinted on you, they may take their spot next to you and snuggle up close. If your cat sleeps with you, it’s a sign of trust, love, and security; all signs that your cat has imprinted on you.
They have conversations with you
Vocalizing is another common sign that your cat is attached to you.
If your cat utters specific vocalizations, like trilling, purring, chirping, and tiny highpitched meows when you are around, it demonstrates how strong your bond is.
They groom you
When it comes to signs of imprinting, grooming is one of the biggest, especially if you’re the one who gets the honor more than others.
Grooming behaviors such as licking a human's hair or face signals that your cat considers you a close companion. They lick you to keep you clean and show you they care about your wellbeing.
Grooming is also a way of social bonding.
When your cat licks your ears, hair, hands, or feet, they leave behind their distinct scent that lets other cats know that you belong to their social group. In other words, your cat considers you part of their family and their favorite one at that.
They Bite you
It is common for cats to bite to show affection. But only with gentle and more controlled nibbles. It is different from a fearful or defensive bite that's meant to cause harm.
These love bites may feel weird, but it is a sign your cat loves you and enjoys your company.
They want to make you smell like them
Cats have scent glands located around their face and body that they use to mark their territory.
When a cat rubs against you or walks between your legs, they are actually marking you with their scent.
This is so that they can communicate to others that you belong to their social group and you are theirs. This is a type of territorial behavior that indicates affection and a bonded relationship.
They Keep Making Biscuits on You
Cats begin kneading just after birth.
When they do that to you, it is a way of expressing pleasure and happiness. It is a sign of a deep attachment and bonded relationship.
They Show You Their Belly All the Time
Lying on their back and exposing their belly puts cats in a very vulnerable position. It makes them open to attack from predators and makes it harder to defend themselves.
If your feline friend constantly shows you their belly, they’re telling you that they trust you completely.
Eye To Eye
The slow blink is another sign of feline affection that is often missed by humans. If you notice your cat stares at you and they slowly close and open their eyes, they are trying to tell you that they trust you and care about you. Cats only exhibit this behavior around people and felines they are bonded with.
Purring in your presence
More often than not, cats purr when they are happy and content. If your cat purrs when you pet them, it means they feel very comfortable around you, and that they are happy you are there.
They don’t seem friendly with other people
It's normal for cats to have better chemistry or closer bonds with some people rather than with others. Cats are notorious for playing favorites, and some felines are just cooler than others, never warming up to anyone. If you notice your cat often turns to you for pets and interactions but consistently ignores others, this is a clear sign that you are their favorite.
You Are Their Favorite Playmate
While many cats love playing, they won’t play with you if they haven’t accepted you as part of their family.
If your cat chooses to play with you, then congratulations. They’ve imprinted on you.
You receive the most gifts from your cat
So if your feline hunter brings you a “gift,” like a dead mouse, think of it as a sign of affection and love. After all, they’re sharing their hardwon prize with you and only you!

posted by gorda48ji