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RAGDOLL CAT VS PERSIAN CAT (Breed Comparison) Watch To Learn Why The Persian Cat Requires More Care

Animal Digest

Welcome to Animal Digest (Cat Breed Comparison).
In this video, we put together a detailed comparison between the Ragdoll Cat and the Persian Cat. if you are a prospective cat owner, watch our video to the end as our comparison between the Ragdoll and the Persian Cat will hopefully help narrow down your choices. Or if you just want to learn more about different cat breeds this video is for you too.
Which breed is more intelligent and easier to train? Which is prone to more health problems? Do they both do well with children & other pets in the home? In this video, we addressed all these questions and much much more, so watch to the end, and Thank You for watching.

Video Topics
1. History
2. Coat & Eye Colors
3. Size
4. Personality
5. Playfulness
6. Children & Other Pets
7. Grooming Needs (must watch to see why flat face Persian Cats require more care)
8. Health &
9. Medical Checkups

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