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Ragdoll Cat: 10 Fascinating Facts You Should Know

Trend Max

Meet The Ragdoll Cat breed. This video is a useful guide for all cat lovers who want to know more about the Ragdoll breed. You'll discover 10 fascinating facts about these beautiful and adorable kittens, from their physical appearance to their unique personality.

00:00 Introduction
00:30 Why they are called Ragdolls
02:25 Why Ragdolls Change its colors
04:30 Blue eyes
06:07 Playful aspect
07:30 Do ragdolls love water?
08:29 The canines of the feline world
09:56 Always teenagers
11:13 How long do ragdolls live?
13:11 Colors and patterns
15:01 Ragdolls love children and other pets

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posted by Macajkah51