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Bringing Home Our 6mo Old Re-Homed Ragdoll Kitten


We found out on April 1, 2021 that Aria could be rehomed to us. It wasn’t even an April Fool’s Day joke! She was with a family and was creating a lot of tension in the home, so the family returned her to the breeder (who was a bit at a loss of how to handle this firsttime scenario). I saw Aria’s photo online at just the right moment and immediately replied, “I’m interested!”

After having to make the difficult decision to put down our very first cat 2 months prior due to FIP, after only having her for 2 months, Aria was sent to us to help fill the hole Ananda left in my heart. FIP is a fatal condition in cats. While there is an 84day treatment available, Ananda was just too sick and suffering. I wasn’t expecting the whole experience to have such a deep impact on me.

Aria is so sweet. She settled in right away. Here is Aria’s Gotcha Day and first few days discovering her forever home in the mountains.

Did you know that cats help ward away negative energies? No wonder I’m a cat person and didn’t even know it! In fact, I’ve been allergic to cat and dog saliva for years and the cat allergy went away before we got Ananda.

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posted by sveitar9x