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Alyshia Jones


Hey everyone! This is an exciting vlog for us we bring home our new 10 week old ragdoll female kitten! We have called her Mina named after my oma Wilhelmina. Sadly after Ragnar had passed (due to being run over) Henry our other ragdoll has been quite lonely and seeking a friend so for the last month we have been on the lookout for a blue point kitten. After this vlog we have had significant progress she trusts me now and likes to be held and patted. We will have her in my beauty room for 7 days until she becomes comfortable with us then she can branch out to new rooms and finally meet Henry which I'll film in another vlog for you all! Looking forward to that! Ragdolls have such a nice temperament and are so playful, intelligent, loving and docile. Please consider getting two ragdolls if you ever consider getting one! They are very social animals and love affection and attention. Mina is such a beautiful girl, so playful, affectionate, healthy and happy!

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♡ Video Info ♡
Camera I use: CanonEOS 80D
Editing: imovie 2014
Lighting: Photogear 65W ring light

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