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12 Reasons Why You Should Get a Persian Cat

The Cagdot

In this video, we will give you 12 Reasons Why You Should Get a Persian Cat, helping you decide whether it's the ideal cat breed for you.

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To Be Clear: Persian Cats are known for being wellmannered & gentle. While they may not be as feisty as some cats, Persians still have a regal air about them. They tend to be quiet and sweet but if they get annoyed, don’t underestimate their ability to hiss or scratch! In most countries, the Persian Cat is among the most popular breeds of pedigreed animals. They have a good temperament and are frequently kept as pets. To be honest, there are so many reasons why you should get a Persian cat. The Persian cat is a very old breed. Longhaired cats have been popular throughout history and it's no surprise that this elegant breed originated in the cradle of civilization: Mesopotamia, which was later known as Persia and is now modernday Iran. The long hair likely came from a natural mutation and its striking appearance caught the attention of 17thcentury nobleman, Pietro Della Valle. He is credited with the first introduction of the breed in Italy. Those who treat Persian cats with dignity and gentleness will be rewarded with an affectionate lap cat who enjoys petting. If you're looking for a cat that will reciprocate your dedication and love, the Persian cat is one of the breeds most likely to do so. In this video, we will give you 12 reasons why you should get a Persian cat, helping you decide, whether it’s the right breed for you.

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