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Owning a Ragdoll Cat || What to know

Hanan Majid

Hey there loves! Welcome back to my channel In todays video I will be introducing you all to my ragdoll cat named Imogene! She is one years old and just met her baby brother Grissini, which we will be babysitting for two weeks! How exciting is that? I also answered many of the questions that lot’s of people have about how to care for a ragdoll cat. I’m hoping that I answered many of the questions. If there is anything you guys would like to know about ragdolls please do not hesitate to leave a comment down below I am also linking all the products I used in this video that are from amazon. I hope you guys like my video! Please don't forget to like and comment down below, as well as subscribing to my channel for more weekly vlogs Thank you and love you all!

Instagram: @hanan_majidd

Breeder: Elle Ragdolls
Instagram: @elleragdolls


Music: A piece of cake by Turpak
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(All products linked in this description are from my amazon affiliate account)

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