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Male or Female Ragdoll? What to do if you already have one and the main differences! + FIOBOC


Hello and Welcome to Anthorpology!

My name is Thor and on this channel, I’m all about mindful consumption, cat videos, analytical videos on topics in the fashion industry and looking at making this a safe space for LGBT+ folks who enjoy handbags

In this video, I am showing the differences between male and female ragdolls. You can find an article about this here: Male vs. female Ragdoll cat—who wears the fur in this relationship?

Also, thank you FIOBOC for providing the shirt in this video! Use code THOR20 for 20% off your purchase through this link:

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0:00 Intro
1:05 20% off at FIOBOC
2:05 Size Differences
3:35 Temperament Differences
7:32 Dietary Differences
8:20 My Recommendations
9:40 Ideal Pairings For 2 Cats

The ragdoll breeder's information:
Fine Ragdoll Kittens:   / lorettakittens  

Watch the first video of their introduction here: First week with new Ragdoll kitten ‍❄ Introducing to our second cat    • First week with new Ragdoll kitten ...  

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The name of this channel is a mix of my name "Thor" and my major in university, Anthropology. One of my friends nicknamed me it and I thought it was genius, so here we are. As the name suggests, I put an anthropological spin on the topics we talk about!

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