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No.1 Neuroscientist: Stress Leaks Through Skin Is Contagious u0026 Gives You Belly Fat!- Dr. Tara Swart

The Diary Of A CEO

If you enjoy hearing about neuroscience and the power of the brain, I recommend listening to my conversation with Dr. Tali Sharot:    • No.1 Neuroscientist: Age 30 to 50 Wil...  

0:00 Dr Tara Swart Neuroscientist on how your brain influences your health, relationships and wellbeing.
02:06 How to improve my brain health?
13:04 How to lose stomach fat
16:03 The affect stress has on women
24:00 How to improve memory
25:52 How to prevent Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s
30:28 ‍❤‍ Key things for a better relationship
38:04 How does intuition works & why you should always follow it
44:11 How did the pandemic affect our stress levels & mental health?
46:32 Why nature is really important for your health
47:13 How to find your purpose & why its vital for your mental health
01:00:01 What is neuroplasticity & why you should learn everything about it
01:07:04 How to stop my bad habits
01:10:11 How do I cope with trauma?
01:16:02 Can stress affect pregnancy?
01:23:45 How does neuroplasticity works?
01:27:12 ‍♂ How do I improve my memory?
01:30:01 What is the best diet?
01:30:55 What is the importance of neuroplasticity?
01:34:15 How does what I say affect my brain?
01:39:12 Qualities to look for in a partner
01:44:23 How is ADHD and autism diagnosed?
01:53:20 How does what I say affect my behaviour?
01:58:32 How does visualisation work?

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