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Harvard Professor: REVEALING The 7 Big LIES About Exercise Sleep Running Cancer u0026 Sugar!!!

The Diary Of A CEO

In this new episode Steven sits down with the world renowned expert on the evolution of human physical activity, Dr Daniel E. Lieberman.

0:00 Intro
02:38 Why do you do this research?
03:35 Where has your work taken you?
04:34 Has your research shifted your perspective on exercise?
05:55 The biggest exercise myths
12:00 The importance of weight training
16:12 Why always moving your body is so important
19:47 Genetics vs lifestyle
24:20 Have we evolved to be lazy?
25:46 We should be preventing diseases, not medicating them
28:13 Do huntergatherers get the same diseases as us?
31:32 The truth about sugar
37:30 How would you redesign our society?
42:18 Should organisations force people to exercise?
48:25 What did you learn from these tribes?
50:03 Why you should do strength training on your feet
56:38 Is too much muscle bad?
01:01:46 Running myths
01:06:58 The best cardio workout
01:09:21 The best exercise for weight loss
01:15:59 Why we need more compassion around exercise
01:20:46 What is it that actually gets people exercising?
01:24:59 The last guest's question

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