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I Built an Indoor Rainforest for a Zoo


For as long as I can remember, I've imagined designing beautiful naturalistic setups, for cool animals, that people may enjoy in person. I wasn't sure if or when it would happen, but it did. After months in the making and I'm so excited to finally share it with you. This is the journey of how I created a 3in1 tarantula exhibit for Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado.

Butterfly Pavilion is the world's first AZA accredited, standalone, nonprofit invertebrate zoo in the world. They are a leader in local and global invertebrate research, education, and conservation, with a focus on protecting these animals for the future.

Learn more about ‪@Butterfly_Pavilion‬

My travels, expenses were covered by Fritz Aquatics. Nature Box was also provided and shown with a paid promotion. ‪@fritzaquaticsvideo‬

Shout out to Jimmy for helping me film! ‪@jimmygimbal‬

A huge thanks to the companies that helped make this installation possible! They were all kind enough to donate products/materials for the build.

Planet Aquariums: https://planetaquariums.com/
Universal Rocks: https://www.universalrocks.com/
Josh’s Frogs: https://joshsfrogs.com/
Kessil: https://www.kessil.com/

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