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Fire-Bellied Toads 11 Years Later - An Emotional Journey


A few weeks ago it finally hit me, "I've had the FireBellied Toads for almost 12 years!" I wanted to talk about them again and as I went through everything to do a proper update/retrospective, I completely underestimated how much of a role they've played in the growth of my craft.

I also didn't realize I made one of the saddest video on my channel until I got done watching the final edit. It was not my intention at least. No joke, this one got me in the feels. These toads have been with me for a third of my life, in four of the five houses I’ve lived in, and much more. Additionally, seeing the journey of my hobby outlined to this extent is weird to say the least. I have so much appreciation for these toads and the joy they’ve brought me over the years is priceless.

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