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This Is My Basement: The Ultimate Animal Room (Tour)


Last year I designed and built the new animal room. Since then, I've been slowly adding things to it to fulfill my vision of a unique space dedicated to showcasing what’s possible within nature design. It’s still a work in progress, and things will change significantly in the following year, but I’m extremely excited to share it with you all today. This is the updated look at the room and all my animals as of December 2023.

Video Chapters
00:00 Intro (The Room Today)
01:15 No Filter Guppy Ecosystem Fish Tank
03:02 Hideaway Caves Mountainscape Aquarium
04:16 African Dwarf Frog Paludarium
06:09 The Low Tech Nano Fish Aquascape
06:54 The Perfect Low Tech Aquascape
07:37 Blackwater Tetra Community Riparium
09:09 Luminous Quartz Crystal Mine Fish Tank
10:35 Vintage Refurbished Meta Frame Aquarium
11:17 Rubber Ducky Isopod Dripping Cave Vivarium
12:13 Blue Death Feigning Beetle Vivarium
13:28 Samurai Betta Botanical Aquarium
14:34 Ancient Ruins Jungle Paludarium
16:04 The Play Button Paludarium
17:21 Rainbow Shiner River Aquarium
18:03 Fishing Spider Vivarium
18:55 Behind the Scenes Quarantine Room
20:35 African Bullfrog Paludarium
22:07 Hybrid Snapping Turtle GrowOut Paludarium
23:21 Butterfly Splitfin Biotope Aquarium
24:28 FireBellied Toad Paludarium
25:38 Loggerhead Musk Botanical Paludarium
26:44 Suriname Toad Aquarium
28:35 New Caledonia Gecko Bioactive Vivarium
30:20 Blotched Kingsnake Bioactive Vivarium
31:30 The Nature Design Studio
32:18 InWall Bathroom Aquarium
33:06 Saltwater Coral Reef Marine Aquarium
33:57 IKEA Display Case Paludarium
34:44 Bearded Dragon Bioactive Vivarium
36:23 How I Maintain All of This
37:25 Closing Thoughts (Why I Do This)

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