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Emily The Feline Filmmaker Has Some Thoughts On Her Craft

Yulin Kuang

We all wish we could see our favorite books come to life on the big and small screens, but often times we're not so lucky. Then there's Yulin Kuang, a voracious reader, director and filmmaker whose work has enchanted readers everywhere with her beautiful short films, especially her I Didn't Write This series, in which she adapts selected scenes from her favorite books. Though she is quite young, she has already got her recognition as a filmmaker as well as some priceless experience. And this video has also been written & directed by Yulin Kuang. It starrs Molly the cat as Emily voiced by Mary Kate Wiles who represents Yulin herself. The cat shares Yulin's thoughts on being a filmmaker and this unusual way of presentation makes her movie even more impressive!

posted by repirotitmg