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Everyone Dies | 'I Ship It' | The CW

Yulin Kuang

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"Everyone Dies"
Performed by Yasmine AlBustami
Lyrics by Kirstyn Hippe
Music by Kirstyn Hippe & Brian Grider

Everyone dies, that’s fine
Looks like now is my time but it’s alright
I’m ready, feet walkin’ steady
Though a little sooner than I’d like

Everyone dies, even so
This isn’t how I would choose to go
There was so much more in store
But now no one will ever know

Everyone dies, it’s okay
Who needs a happy ending anyway
Show ‘em the performance of your life and still
They turn around and twist the knife but you’ll
Be expected to sit by and smile, wondering why...

(Everyone dies)
No stress, stop getting all existential
(Everyone dies)
I guess my best was inconsequential
(Everyone dies)
Alert the press of this wasted potential....
(Everyone dies)

Everyone dies, it’s a fact
Though I wish my heart was still intact
I’ll leave with my dignityc ce
It’s not like I have given this role every piece of me...

[shakes off the thought]

(Everyone dies)
I can’t be bothered to cry
(Everyone dies)
We’ll all be dust down the line
(Everyone dies)
So pour a tall glass of wine
Cause everyone dies!

posted by repirotitmg