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Making Easy to Maintain Isopod Bins and Care


I've been keeping isopods for a few years now, but I haven't showcased them on the channel quite like this. That's partly because I usually just use them as part of the cleanup crew, but also because I was trying to figure out how to maintain a proper Rubber Ducky colony.

I've wanted to make a video like this for years and now was finally the time. Jaden randomly sent me a bunch of isopods (I didn't ask for them, nor did he ask me to make a video about them) which meant I had to make a bunch of new colonies. Since I was doing it anyway, I felt that this could be a great way to illustrate how I successfully keep isopods in current day.

As always, keep in mind that this is what works for me and what I'm keeping. I may have downplayed it slightly, but care for each species is specific, even if it's usually just about how wet their home is. Either way, research and considerations should be made accordingly.

Casuarina Cones provided by Fritz Aquatics w/ Paid Promotion

Isopods provided by Featured Creatures

Isopod Substrate Mix
½ Part Charcoal
1 Part Coco Chips
½ Part Coco Fiber
1 Part Orchid Bark
½ Part Sand
1 Part Sphagnum Moss
3 Parts Topsoil

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