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DIY Cat Enclosure - TIPS for Success! - Start here 😻

Our Catio Home

We'll show you how to make your Catio Home a smashing success in which the cats will enjoy yearround, including our most important secrets for a successful catio.
0:25 Flooring
1:02 Roofing
1:38 Hiding
2:31 Exercise
3:16 Safety

For the climbing pole, we have used Twisted Manila Rope Natural 3 Strand Fiber Hemp Rope for Indoor and Outdoor.

Our overall goal is to create a safe and fun outdoor feline habitat for our sweet shelter cats.
If you are considering making a Catio or outdoor space; we recommend including elements that promote exercise, climbing, places to hide and places to sleep. Included in this catio are native, nontoxic plants too. We also have several videos that cover Catio Design and other elements that you may want to include to give your feline the best experience possible. Just use your imagination and think like a feline.

* Full disclosure: we are doityourselfers and not certified as catio builders.

Our channel has several DIY cat projects, catio videos and special celebration parties to review. . We appreciate you watching and hope to see you again.

May your Catio dreams come true,
Nala the Catio Keeper

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