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DIY CATIO Enclosure: How it was made ~ 5 days in 10 minutes🐾

Our Catio Home

We'll show you how we made an ultimate Catio Home including all of our secrets. Find a shaded and quiet space, clear the land, marking out a space and get to work. For this project we hired workers for the framing and landscaping. Most of the cost for the project went into labor.

Our overall goal is to create a safe and fun outdoor feline habitat for our sweet shelter cats.
If you are considering making a Catio or outdoor space; we recommend including elements that promote exercise, climbing, places to hide and places to sleep. Included in this catio are native, nontoxic plants too. We also have several videos that cover Catio Design and other elements that you may want to include to give your feline the best experience possible. Just use your imagination and think like a feline.
**Opps in the Editing, that is a 90° wire angle not 45 °.

Black Coated wire fencing 14 gauge 6 foot purchased from Amazon
Pressure treated lumber. The lumber we used are 4x4", 2x4, 2 x6 and fence boards.
Heavy duty zip ties
Wood stain
Artificial grass
Polycarbonate roofing panels Misty Green Colored
Wood screws star bit
16g 3/4" staples for pneumatic stapler
12x12" pavers, pea gravel and landscape fabric and landscape staples
native nontoxic plants.

Equipment and tools used includes: Mini bolt cutter for the wire fencing, zip tie cutter, drill, miter saw, metal sheer cutter, air compressor and the main stay item was the pneumatic air stapler,

* Full disclosure: we are doityourselfers and not certified as catio builders.

Our channel has several DIY cat projects, catio videos and special celebration parties to review. . We appreciate you watching and hope to see you again.

May your Catio dreams come true,
Nala the Catio Keeper

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0:36 Framing
2:30 Roofing
3:28 Attach Wire Fence
4:26 Landscape
6:39 Decorations
8:51 Cats Reaction

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