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A Cats Paradise: Explore Two Stunning Custom Catios!

Cat Topia

Join us on an exclusive tour through one of the most splendid catios ever crafted by Cat Topia! This video offers an indepth look at the detailed construction and thoughtful design of two custom cat enclosures: a spacious 30' x 8' catio and a cozy 10' x 10' counterpart, both connected by an impressive 100foot tunnel system.

Features Highlighted in the Video:
30' x 8' Catio:
Robust floortoceiling scratch posts for endless climbing.
Elegant trim finishing that cleverly hides all staples for a sleek look.
A custom couch where felines can lounge in comfort.
An array of strategically placed cat shelves for playful activity.
Durable protective skirting to ensure safety from outdoor elements.
Three cozy cat cubbies and a luxurious custom cat tree.
Classic rib steel roof panel for maximum durability and weather resistance.
Comfortable cat hammocks, perfect for restful retreats.
Enhanced stain and caulking treatments for longevity.
Critterfence installed to protect your beloved cats from other animals.

10' x 10' Catio:
Includes similar features with appropriate scaling.
Cat shelves designed to maximize space and fun.
Additional cozy cat cubby and custom cat tree.
Two inviting cat hammocks.

100 Foot Tunnel System:
Features a mini cat house as a special retreat.
Protected by Critterfence and treated with stain and caulking for endurance.

Special Thanks to Ryan Lapinski:
A big shout out to Ryan Lapinski for hosting this amazing walkthrough. You can see him in action in the video, where he expertly guides you through each section of the catio. Follow him on Instagram at [cooltrainerryan](  / cooltrainerryan  ) and on YouTube as [CoolTrainerRyan](   / @ctr  ) for more videos of the catio and other exciting content!

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For more information on how we can help you create the perfect catio for you and your cats, visit us at [The Cat Topia](

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