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Triple Delight: A Stroll Through a Trio of CATIOS in One Garden Wonderland 😸

Our Catio Home

Sabrina will show you around our ever expanding backyard DIY Custom Catio project. We hope that this helps with your catio design ideas. After cayotes moved in; neighbors loosing small pets, we took action. While not builders our overall goal is to create a safe and fun outdoor habitat for our sweet shelter felines. Catio updates, additions and changes are now a new hobby. Please let me know if this helps..

We hope that you enjoyed watching and be sure to check out our other catio parties on Our Catio Home Channel. Be sure to check out our channel for more cat entertainment or adventures. Our channel has several DIY cat projects, catio videos and special celebration parties to review.

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Nala the Catio Keeper

0:05 Catio #1
0:17 Catio #2022
0:47 HideAWay #1
1:13 Tunnel Highway
1:34 HideAWay #2
1:59 Catio #3
2:35 Bridge

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