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A Nighttime Puppy Training Schedule Where EVERYONE Gets To Sleep!

McCann Dog Training

It's the first night home with our new puppy, and Kayl and Ken want to share some important tips about their puppy training schedule. The first night home can be really difficult if you don't plan appropriately. In this video, you'll get some crucial tips from 21X world champion dog trainer, Kayl McCann about how to get your puppy ready to sleep through the night!

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00:00 Your Puppy Training Schedule For The First Night Home
01:16 The Beginning Of Your First Night Puppy Schedule
03:21 How Does Dinnertime Relate To My Nighttime Schedule?
04:30 3 Puppy Schedule Options For Dinnertime
06:25 Finding The Right Puppy Nighttime Schedule For You
08:24 Worried About Puppy “Socialization” And Exposure? Don’t Be
09:27 Your Puppy Training Schedule Doesn’t Always Go To Plan
12:27 2 Important Goals For Your Puppy Nighttime Schedule
14:01 Puppy Crate Training First Night

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Happy Training! ~Ken
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