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How Cats Show Their Love To Their Owners

Cole and Marmalade

Cats can be affectionate towards their owners, seeking out our company and purring contentedly as they sit or sleep beside us. To many owners this signifies that their cat loves them and this may be true. Love may be defined as an intense feeling of affection and lots of us have this for our animal companions. We can never know their true feelings towards us but in most cases we can be sure that they enjoy being with us. In fact, cats are more likely to relax and to confidently explore their surrounding when their owners are present, rather than when alone or in the company of a stranger. This behaviour is used to indicate human infant attachment behaviour so we can conclude that our cats are indeed attached to us. So to make sure your cat really loves you check out this cat's guide to loving a human!

Cole and Marmalade

posted by dewadewa72