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Your Complete First Day Home Puppy Training Schedule

McCann Dog Training

There is a lot you can accomplish with your puppy training on the first day home. More importantly, if you have a plan for your day, you're A LOT more likely to be making good choices for your puppy. And when you make good choices, they're more likely to make good choices! Find out what you really need to know about your firstday home puppy schedule in this video.

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00:00 Puppy Training First Day
01:03 The First Day Is All About Bonding!
02:04 Puppy Physical Exercise
02:54 A Puppy Training Schedule Isn’t Exactly What You Think It Is
03:34 Puppy Mental Exercise
08:13 Puppy Crate Time
08:43 Puppy Potty Training
09:28 Natural Training Opportunities
10:44 The Puppy Training Tools You NEED!
11:48 Puppy House Training Is ALWAYS Happening
12:24 Not Every Potty Trip Is Successful
14:32 MidDay Puppy Exercise
15:31 MidDay Mental Exercise
17:52 Puppy Crate Training/Potty Training
19:21 Puppy Meal Training
21:44 First Steps Puppy Crate Training
23:42 Your First 24 Hours With Your Puppy Is Only Half Done!

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