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Your Complete 24Hr Puppy Schedule - It Doesn't Have To Be Exhausting!

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Some common questions we get from people about a puppy schedule are things like "how many times should we train our puppy in a day?" and "how much time should my puppy spend in their crate?" or "how often should we take our puppy out to go potty?". In this video, we'll show you how you can schedule the most important parts of your puppy training and take advantage of the natural training opportunities that present themselves throughout the day. We will talk about puppy potty training, the important parts of puppy crate training that are often overlooked. Even making sure that the time that you spend with your puppy is QUALITY time is important for your puppy's training! Remember, your puppy is always learning, whether you're training them or not! You want to be sure that they are getting the best information possible.

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From training to nutrition, here's everything you need to know for your 4legged family member:

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00:00 Start
1:11 Intro
1:43 Breakfast Training Ideas
2:27 Luring
3:18 Loading Value
5:11 Housetraining Tip
5:57 Morning/Daytime Training Ideas
11:21 Walking Foundation
13:08 Puppy Needs
14:54 Daytime/Lunch Ideas
16:19 “High Energy” Exercise/Training
17:13 2Person Recall
17:37 1Person Recall
19:31 “Low Energy” Exercise/Training
21:19 Focus/Attention
23:37 Dinnertime Ideas
24:26 Door Manners
26:10 A Note About Puppy Training
26:53 Crate Training
29:26 Trick Training
30:04 Roll Over
31:20 Shake A Paw
33:22 Evening Ideas
35:24 Before Bedtime
36:14 Toy Games
37:19 Witching Hour/Zoomies
38:21 Installing An “Off Switch”
39:54 Overnight

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