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Dog Seat Cover And Cargo Liner Headrest Strap Adjustment Trick - 4Knines

4Knines® In this video Jim, from 4Knines, shows you how to ensure the best fit for your rear dog seat cover or cargo liner when you install it.

Here is more about 4Knines if you have not yet purchased from the company:

We're Jim and Maggie, founders of 4Knines. We loved to travel with our dogs, Ares and Ana, but having the dogs in the car created so many problems.

We asked each other, "how can we travel with our best friends and not go nuts?" How do we keep the dogs comfortable, the vehicle clean, and make the trip a pleasure?"

These questions kept resurfacing as seat cover, after seat cover, after seat cover failed to protect our new car's upholstery from getting covered in dirt, slobber, and fur. The answer was to start our own business and create a durable line of dog seat covers that would stand up to the “Ares and Ana Test.”


We don't want to leave our dogs at home. We believe in togetherness. We think you should always keep your best friend by your side whether you go hiking, camping or to an outdoor cafe.


We believe in paying it forward and giving back to our community. We support charities including mill rescues and military veteran charities. In fact, Maggie is a Navy veteran. You can read about how we give back by visiting our Giving Back or Blog page. Every month, we donate to an animal advocacy group and showcase their organization on our blog.


We respect and take care of each other; our friends, our customers, and our family members (the furry and the not so furry).

We design, create and manufacture our products to be the best quality possible. We believe in building seat covers that are meant to last, not fall apart after a year of use. We also use our own products on a daily basis when taking our Doberman, Kiera, to the park, on road trips, and wherever life takes us.

posted by Lymnimpenno