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Dog Seat Cover Rear Seat Install Tips - 4Knines

4Knines® In this video Jim, from 4Knines, shows you how to install your new rear dog seat cover. This is for a regular or split seat cover.

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Is your furry friend destroying your back seat? 4Knines has back seat dog covers made to fit, and protect, the back seat of your car. Our rear seat covers protect car seats from your pup’s fur, dirt and claws. Each car seat cover for dogs is built to be heavy duty and easy to clean. Made from weatherproof material, our back seat dog covers prevent seat tears and scrapes from happening in the back of your car.

Our quality rear seat covers are designed and made of quality material, ensuring that they don’t clash with your car’s interior. Every dog car seat cover has a nonslip backing and seat anchors. Because of this, the seat cover does not budge, even when big dogs, or the little ones, are moving around in the back.

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Giving Back

When you purchase a 4Knines cover, you are getting the best dog cover on the market AND you are supporting the pet community. At 4Knines, we believe in giving back! Since day one, 4Knines has donated a percentage of every sale to animal advocacy groups. In addition, we support and showcase the great work of various animal advocacy groups in our Monthly Spotlight articles. You can find out more about our giving back campaigns here:

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