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My Cat HATES my New Kitten - Help? How to Introduce Cats!

Kitten School

Here at Kitten School, the happiest days are when my foster kitties get picked up to go off to their forever homes. Often the adopting family already has a cat, or cats, at I try to prepare them on how to introduce the new kitty to lessen any drama. But cats are highly territorial and when a new cat suddenly appears in their home it can cause confusion and chaos. A cat who has always been relaxed and mellow can suddenly turn into a growling, hissing beast who lashes out at the newcomer, and even at his beloved owner! The new cat is often terrified it is not only in a brand new place, but there's another cat who clearly does not want it to be there! This can all be very emotional for everyone involved, and sometimes it can seem that the existing cat will NEVER accept the new cat. Well, as someone who has experienced many years of introducing new cats to my home, I can give you some tips on how to make this process easier. You first have to understand that most cats will act hostile (or scared) of a new cat or kitten. This is normal! It just takes time for the cats to get to know one another...sometimes this can be a few days, other times it can be a few weeks. You want to introduce your cats SLOWLY, and always monitor the situation to prevent any serious fights or attacks. Hissing, growling, swatting this is probably going to happen. Be patient and calm. NEVER yell at or hit a cat who is acting out it won't help and will make things worse! You just have to be calm, encourage the cats to play and eat together, separate them if there's aggression, and BE PATIENT. The cats will need to first get used to each other, and then establish their social order in the household. But they usually DO work it out. And sometimes, even the hissiest, swattiest of "enemies" can eventually become the very best of cat friends!

Here's a few things you can get to help ease the transition when introducing a new cat. I have used them all and they have often made a difference:

Feliway This plugin diffuser mimics natural feline pheromones that the cats can smell and is calming to many cats. We have used this here at Kitten School for years and I think it has helped keep the peace with my resident cats, who sometimes resent the "intrusion" of foster kitties on their territory. The scent is not noticeable to humans and you just plug it in the wall, where it will waft the calming pheromones into the air. Might take a week or so to notice a difference, but many multicat owners swear by it!

Bach Rescue Remedy for Pets This homeopathic herbal calming formula has been used to help people relax for ages and is now available in a pet formula safe for cats. A few drops in your cat's food or water can help calm him or her in stressful times, such as a trip to the vet, moving, or the introduction of a new kitty into the house

Kitten School is a foster home for cat and kittens who need a safe place to stay while they grow, heal or learn to love. Saving cats is not always easy, but there's plenty to learn with every foster who stays at Kitten it a week old orphan kitten or an elderly cat abandoned at the shelter. We also have a TON of fun! Watching a Kitten School video is guaranteed to make you smile and to feel a little better about the world. Subscribe now and join the Kitten School family...a place for cat lovers of all ages and nationalities!

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