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Got a New Kitten u0026 Older Cat is MAD??? This Will Help

Kitten School

Once you have one cat, you probably will at some point want another. They can kind of be an addiction!

Plus, cats really do enjoy the companionship of other cats. And if you are out of the house a lot, knowing your cat isn't alone can be comforting. We love watching the relationships between our six cats develop and shift over time. Fourteen yearold Sing Sing gets his cardio by racing around the house playing tag with four year old Snowy, and Malou and her cousin, Creature, like sharing a sunny spot on the bed at the same time every afternoon. Kate Moss likes to snuggle with Sing Sing when the weather is chilly. There's sometimes some scuffles (usually over food or coveted places on the sofa), and occasionally some blinkoryoumiss it fights, but the cats have settled into their hierarchies on the kitty totem pole and get along quite peacefully.

But to get to this multicat utopia, you have to jump some hurdles. In short, introducing a new kitty to a home with one or more "resident" cats can be very difficult, and sometimes even downright scary!

Don't despair. In this video I will share some proven tips to help you introduce a new cat or kitten into your home with minimal stress. Just be sure to watch the whole thing, because every step is crucial for success. And keep in mind there are many factors that determine how quickly the cats will accept one another: personality, age, and, believe it or not, how YOU act during the whole "getting to know you" phase.

YES, your actions can make a huge difference! Cats are super sensitive to their mom and dad's emotions. So if you're stressed, THEY will be stressed. Keep control of the situation you don't want any major fighting or bullyingand understand that interactions that we as humans consider bad (ie: hissing, growling, swatting) are really just normal cat behavior. Let the cats take their time, and don't hesitate to call "time out" if the situation gets a little heated.

I can't stress enough that it sometimes just takes TIME for new cats to get to know one another. Don't expect miracles in a couple of days, though occasionally that does happen if you happen to have two very laidback cats. Don't give up. People adopt a new kitty and lose hope without allowing enough time. They WILL get along..eventually!

Good luck, and let me know in the comments if you have any tips about introducing cats!

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Kitten School is a foster home for cats and kittens who need a safe place to stay while they grow, heal or learn to love. Saving cats is not always easy, but there's plenty to learn with every foster who stays at Kitten it a week old orphan kitten or an elderly cat abandoned at the shelter. We also have a TON of fun! Watching a Kitten School video is guaranteed to make you smile and to feel a little better about the world. Subscribe now and join the Kitten School family...a place for cat lovers of all ages and nationalities!

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