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How to Introduce 2 Cats in 5 Proven Steps


Yes, cats can get along! The right introduction helps to get things off on the right paw and makes it more likely that your cats will be friends. This video was sponsored by tuft + paw. Enter coupon code ALLABOUTCATS10 to get 10% off of your tuft + paw order:'>

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Video Navigation:

0:00 Forest Meowing!
0:18 Introduction
1:29 Step 1: Preparation
4:06 tuft + paw Sponsor Shoutout
4:39 Step 2: Homecoming
6:18 Step 3: Scent Introductions
7:31 Step 4: Dinner Dates
8:58 Step 5: Making Eye Contact
11:03 Additional Tips to Help Cats Get Along
13:03 Conclusion

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