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Introduce Cats u0026 Kittens WITHOUT Separation/Isolation (Fastest Method!)

monsieur tn

This is a stepbystep guide to go about the cattocat introduction process in a oneroom apartment, studio apartment, or even introducing new cats in one room of your house.

I have introduced all my cats in my studio apartment this way and I have discovered this is the best way to go about it if there are no extra rooms in your home.

0:00 Introduction and Brief Explanations
1:36 Step 0: Checklist Before Beginning
1:58 Step 1: Temporary Litter Box Placement (Homebase location)
2:33 Step 2: Release Cat or Kitten (Open the carrier)
3:31 Step 3: Observe and Take Notes Cat Interactions
4:35 Step 4: Play & Distraction Strategy
6:44 Step 5: Schedule Mealtimes/Snacks Strategy
8:01 Step 6: Combine Mealtimes and Play Strategies Until All Cats Get Along
8:24 How Long It Might Take
9:18 Conclusion

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