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Meet Every Cat Breed at the Largest Cat Show in the World (CFA International 2023) | The Cat Butler

The Cat Butler

Today you will get the chance to meet every cat breed at the largest cat show in the world.
The CFA International Cat Show in Cleveland Ohio. Held every year, this show is a cat lover's dream.
From fluffy Ragdoll cats, to iconic British Shorthair, from the stunning Lykoi or Werewolf Cat to the elegant Abyssinians, every cat breed you can imagine is here.

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► Products featured in the Video

○ Blue Cat Cave
○ Cat Condo Tower
○ Coco Cat Bed
○ Tofu Cat Litter

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► Cat Breeders / Show Exhibitors

○ Khamsin Abyssinians (Abyssinian Breeder)
○ Faolan Lykoi (Lykoi Breeder)
○ Bikhata Birmans (Birman Breeder)
○ Ahava Burms Burmese (Bombay Breeder)
○ Siberian Show Cat Instagram: /
○ Siberian Show Cat YouTube:    / @ucehtflbkatzzkfbs2_lcvyq  

► Cat Show

○ Main CFA Website
○ Cat Show Event Calendar

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► The Stars

○ Teemo Boy Cream Bicolor Ragdoll Cat
○ Arya Girl Cream Bicolor Ragdoll Cat

► Chapters

00:00 CFA International Cat Show
01:40 Ragdoll
02:16 Abyssinian
04:38 Lykoi "Werewolf Cat"
06:14 Proud Cat Dads
08:04 British Shorthair
09:51 Sphynx
10:52 Cat Rescue
11:39 Siberian
13:22 People Who Show Cats
17:21 Egyptian Mau
18:01 Maine Coon
19:25 Russian Blue
19:59 Birman
21:47 FIP
23:17 Ragamuffin
23:47 Bengal
25:15 Japanese Bobtail
26:10 Chartreux
27:08 Cat Tricks
28:47 Siamese
29:21 Bombay
30:30 Ocicat
31:03 Persian
32:02 Devon Rex
32:58 Oriental
33:37 Cat with a Mustache
34:45 Turkish Angora
35:12 Somali
35:41 Tonkinese
36:09 Exotic
36:43 Havana Brown
38:26 Toybob
38:56 Burmese
39:12 Scottish Fold
39:34 Norwegian Forest Cat
40:05 Selkirk Rex

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