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CFA reveals the top 15 pedigreed cat breeds that had everyone purring in 2023!


The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) extends its profound appreciation to the preservation breeders for their steadfast commitment to the protection and conservation of their respective breeds. Their relentless efforts ensure the perpetuation of the diverse spectrum of pedigreed cat breeds, thereby enriching our lives with their unique personalities and traits.

While CFA acknowledges and registers 45 pedigreed breeds, this report narrows its focus to the 15 most popular breeds, as evidenced by the registration data collected over the course of 2023.

Starting our list at number 15 is the Bengal. Recognized by CFA in 2018, Bengals are renowned for their striking leopardlike coat and playful nature. Their active and engaging personality combined with a wild appearance makes them a unique choice for those seeking an exoticlooking and active feline companion.

At number 14, we find the Oriental. Recognized by the CFA in 1977, Orientals have a long sleek body, large ears, and almondshaped eyes. They are highly intelligent and sociable, making them an excellent choice for families who enjoy an interactive and affectionate pet.

Coming in at number 13 is the Norwegian Forest Cat. Accepted by CFA in 1993, this robust breed is designed for survival in cold climates. Their friendly demeanor and strong climbing abilities make them an intriguing choice for those valuing a cat with a touch of Scandinavian history.

Ranking 12th is the Russian Blue. Recognized by CFA in 1906, this breed has a plush double coat of shimmering blue, green eyes, and a lithe muscular body. They are known for their gentle and playful nature, making them an ideal choice for families.

At number 11 is the American Shorthair. Recognized by CFA in 1906, American Shorthairs are known for their oblong head, short coat, and muscular build. Their friendly and easygoing nature makes them an excellent choice for those seeking a lowmaintenance companion.

The Sphynx takes the 10th spot. Accepted by CFA in 2006, Sphynx are famous for their lack of a coat. Their extroverted behavior, high energy levels, and affection towards their families make them a unique choice for those seeking an unconventional cat.

In 9th place is the Siberian. Recognized by CFA in 2000, Siberians are admired for their powerful build, rounded ears, and thick, triple coat. Their friendly, intelligent, and agile nature suits those who appreciate an active and interactive cat.

The Scottish Fold, with its unique folded ears, ranks 8th. Accepted by CFA in 1978, Scottish Folds are known for their sweet nature and ability to pose in odd positions. Their unique look and playful nature make them a popular choice for those seeking an interestingly adorable furbaby.

At number 7, we have the Abyssinian. Recognized by CFA in 1906, Abyssinians are known for their playful, active nature. Their warm, ticked coats and slender bodies embody the spirit of a wild cat in a domestic feline's body.

The British Shorthair takes the 6th spot. Recognized by CFA in 1980, this breed charms us with its sturdy build, dense coat, and wide, round eyes. Their calm demeanor makes them a great choice for those seeking a peaceful yet hardy companion.

Ranking 5th is the Devon Rex. Recognized by CFA in 1983, Devons are known for their large eyes, short curly fur, and elflike ears. Their mischievous and affectionate nature makes them a delightful choice for individuals and young families who want a playful, cuddly pet.

In 4th place, we find the Exotic. Recognized by CFA in 1967, Exotics are loved for their sweet expression, plush coat, and relaxed temperament. They are essentially shorthaired Persians and are perfect for those seeking a lowmaintenance version of the Persian breed.

This year, the Persians secured the 3rd position. Being a significant part of CFA, it's guaranteed that you'll encounter numerous Persians at any CFA cat show. Known for their extravagant long coats, expressive round eyes, and sophisticated features, Persians are frequently regarded as the pinnacle of feline elegance.

The Maine Coon Cat, also known as the "gentle giant", comes in at 2nd place. Recognized by CFA in 1976, they are known for their large size, tufted ears, and bushy tails. Their playful nature and impressive size make them an excellent choice for those who want a larger, interactive cat.

And finally, in the 1st spot, the Ragdoll reigns supreme. Recognized by CFA in 2000, Ragdolls are known for their striking blue eyes, semilonghair coat, and friendly nature. Their docile nature and affectionate personality make them an ideal choice for families and a deserving holder of the title of most popular breed.

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