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Cat judging: Adult Class Final from Stafford Cat Extravaganza 2023

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Hello dear cat lovers!
This is the entire adult class final from the Stafford Cat Extravaganza in the United Kingdom, 2023. Here are the most wonderful cats! ;)

0:00 Intro
0:16 Nº9 La Perm
1:27 Nº8 Persian
3:25 Nº7 Birman
4:54 Nº6 British Shorthair
6:12 Nº5 Exotic Shorthair
7:45 Nº4 Turkish Angora
8:55 Nº3 Burmese
10:32 Nº2 Persian
12:06 Nº1 Siberian

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posted by frithwasl5