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Cat Tales | Full Documentary | NOVA | PBS

NOVA PBS Official

Goddess, demon, house pet? What does science say about the human relationship with cats? (Aired February 19, 2020 on PBS)

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Worshiped as a goddess, condemned as satanic, and spun into a stunning array of breeds, cats have long fascinated humans. But did we ever really domesticate them? And what can science tell us about our most mysterious companions?

00:00 Introduction
03:16 Why Are People Obsessed with Cats?
09:28 Why Aren’t Cats Expressive?
12:46 Can Cats Understand Our Emotions?
14:28 Domestic Cat Relative
18:13 Earliest Encounter Between Human and Cat
21:51 Cat Abilities
25:30 How Do Cats Differ from Their Wild Ancestors
28:30 Importance of Cats in Egypt
34:54 How Domestic Cats Spread Around the World
42:10 The Difference of Feral Cats
46:18 Can Cats Be Trained Like Dogs?
49:04 Breeding of Hybrid Cats
51:12 Conclusion

(Premiered February 19, 2020 at 9 PM ET on PBS)

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