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How to Introduce Cats

Jackson Galaxy

One of the most popular topics I talk about over the years and topics I get asked about the most is how to introduce cats to cats. Well…here it is!

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0:41 Preparation
4:53 Introducing Cats

However…this is, by no means, an exhaustive overview on the subject. I wanted to give you guys a detailed glance into how I see bringing cats together from their vantage point. If you want the real blowbyblow, broken down into actual bitesized pieces, there is a full chapter on introductions in my book, Total Cat Mojo. For the first time, in the many years that I've been teaching and, to the best of my abilities, perfecting this technique, I feel like I’ve gotten it down on paper the way I would want to see it if I wanted to learn everything about introductions. So, that said, I hope you guys pick up the book!

Also...Another thing makes this technique great is that you can use it to reintroduce cats as well. Sometimes, when a major fight or other trauma between cats happens, it’s best to take it back to square one, treat them as if they’d never met before, and rebuild a trusting relationship the same way you would build it if they were strangers.

FINALLY please remember one thing… even though I put together a stepbystep, very cautious program for introducing cats, please don’t interpret that as trying to force something meaning that you would take this as saying cats are better off alone. Not true! I firmly believe that by and large, cats are happier in the company of other cats. They are very social animals, just like the rest of us animals. They’ve just gotten a bad rap over time as being solitary, when that’s not how they function in the wild, or in domestic settings.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression! Adopt a cat today, use this approach, and congrats on your new, larger family!

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