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Great RV MATTRESS Options for LESS MONEY đź’°


Some sweet RV mattress choices, important tips to prevent mold/mildew & important tips about the wooden platform the mattress sits on.

Our Zinus Green Tea, RV mattress is made with a Cooling Gel & Green Teainfused Memory Foam and it gives you a perfect temperatureregulated sleep. This is our 3rd RV mattress and is the best RV mattress we’ve slept on.

When you have a mattress in your house you generally don’t have to worry about mold or mildew growing under the mattress because in a house, your mattress usually sits on a box spring bed frame and is able to breath properly.

Traveling in different areas—especially in hot, or humid climates like in the south, moisture can get trapped between the plywood & the mattress. This can also be very problematic if your one of those that uses your RV periodically & the rest of the time it sits locked up in storage somewhere. Moisture being trapped under the mattress can also happen in the winter time when you’re heating the RV when it’s cold outside and now your fighting condensation. These two hot and cold temperatures colliding under the mattress can cause mold and mildew. To solve this moisture problem between the bottom of the mattress & the plywood bed platform you need to install a breathable underlay.

We used DenDry Mattress Underlay to allow our RV mattress to breath properly. This mattress moisture barrier will prevent mold and mildew from happening in the first place.

I’m also going to cover how I insulated under the RV wooden platform, the piano hinge that allows you to raise and lower the bed platform for storage and finally the gas struts that attach to the RV wooden platform itself.

Joanie and I use a regular Queen fitted sheet on the mattress, a king size flat sheet for the top and a king size comforter.
Joanie doesn’t buy sheet sets. She’ll buy these individually so everything matches and we have plenty of material on us at night time. I’m a tall guy. So being 75” inches tall in a 80” Queen bed regular sheet sets just aren’t quite big enough to cover me the way I like.

Mattresses are advertised for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, hot sleepers, back pain and on and on.
There’s Soft Mattresses, Firm Mattresses, Mattresses for those on a budget.
Some folks use a foam topper or a 100% natural latex mattress topper on what they already have.

Then there’s Sleep Number mattresses I see a lot of people end up replacing their Sleep Number with a good quality foam mattress because they’re tired of pumping it up and dealing with leaks. One fella replaced his Sleep Number mattresses three times in four years. He finally went to a foam mattress.

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