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Giant Sulking Dog Hates Bath Time And Does Everything To Avoid It (Cutest Doggo!!)

Life with Malamutes

So here we are again, Phil was last washed over 2 months ago but as you'll see from the video he is filthy!

Phil loves getting as dirty as he can, he would find a puddle filled with wet mud in the Sahara desert if he went on walkies there! He's always ploughing through dirty water, streams, the sea, ponds, anything he can when you don't want him too really. As soon as its no longer his choice, he goes into a strop and tries to become an immovable ball of fluff.

Malamutes can be quite stubborn dogs as Phil demonstrates. He knows what has to happen but has to make a scene about it such a drama queen, the fame has gone to his head.

Phil tries to hide again, up to his old tricks trying to take cove behind Mia hoping her cuteness will disguise him, then with a twist of events, he tries to trick us and pretend he will get in the bath himself! Eventually we get the dead weight in, wash him and allow him out to dry. He only goes and escapes on a wet rampage of discontent and tries to sabotage the upstairs rooms before vacating.

Phil! we wouldn't change him for the world....

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posted by Viantolity