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The Best 3 Years Of Our Lives! Amelia's Story (Cutest Glow Up Ever!!)

Life with Malamutes

This is Amelia's story. From before she even arrived the dogs know she was coming, they sensed the pregnancy and eagerly awaited her arrival. They loved her from day dot and vowed to protect her as one of their pack! Even Milo the cat built his own special bond with this new bald puppy! Not long after another wolf entered the pack and the scenes from that first time meeting the baby are so wholesome! Teddy was such a happy puppy to see someone his own size haha. Amelia then met golden retriever Buddy for the first time and her shrieks of glee and happiness are just contagious you can't help but smile. From being born to meeting all the pets, boat trips, snakes/spiders/ birthdays, teaching the dogs manners, first laughs, first steps, travelling to moving house, this kid has seen a lot! This is her story after 3 years in this world, like any kid she's had her ups and downs but she's sure having fun alon the way! From always waking up with a smile (and pointing one finger) to now going to bed with her dogs, i think it's safe to say she's one well protected kiddo!

posted by Viantolity