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Full Build: Turning A '73 Split-Bumper Chevy Camaro Into A Triple Threat


A triple threat GMachine! The Engine Power team takes an almost pristine '73 SplitBumper Chevy Camaro and turns it into a triple threat car. It has to be competitive on the road course, the autocross, and the drag strip. To do all that it has to make big power, have an aggressive look, and handle like it's on rails. This is one car that will do it all.


Centimark: A leading provider of polished concrete floor systems and epoxy floor systems.

Dannmar: For 2post automotive lifts, Dannmar is the benchmark for professional shop owners, and home enthusiasts.

Dynojet Research: The most versatile and best selling performance chassis dynamometer in the market.

ARP: 2000 Alloy Rod Bolts
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14735

ARP: High Performance Series Cylinder Head Bolt Kits
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14743

Clevite: HSeries Main & Rod Bearings
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14732

Cometic Gasket, Inc.: Cometic MLS head gasket
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14740

CRC Industries: Brakleen
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14738

Eagle Specialty Products: Forged 4340 Crank w/ 4" stroke
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14733

Eagle Specialty Products: HBeam Connecting Rods
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14734

MAHLE Aftermarket: Mahle PowerPak piston and ring kits include forged pistons, lowdrag rings, steel pins, and wire locks.
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14731

Summit Racing: Cam Motion Titan Series LS Performance Camshafts
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14744

Summit Racing: Rocker Arms
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14739

Trick Flow Specialties: Billet Steel Timing Sets
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14745

Trick Flow Specialties: GenX® 225 Cylinder Heads
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14741

Trick Flow Specialties: Hydraulic Lifters and Lash Adjusters
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14742

World Products: Motown LS Block
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14730

PowerTrain Products: ReManufactured Ford 5.4L 3V engine

Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI): Convoluted tubing, Wire Looms and Wire sleeves , Easy Loom Master Kit
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14764

Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI): LS Engine Coil Pack Shield
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14762

Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI): Vapor Block™ Fuel Line Sleeve
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14763

Eaton Corporation: Eaton Detroit Truetrac Differentials
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14769

Holley: Introducing Holley Sniper EFI 2300!
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RaceGas.com: Race Gas race fuel concentrate is designed to blend with pump gasoline—and transform it into highoctane, highenergy, trackgrade racing fuel!
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Strange Engineering: Strange SSeries 9″ Case Nodular Iron – 3.250″ Bore
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14768

Street Rod Garage: 1973 Chevy Camaro chassis

E3 Spark Plugs: DiamondFIRE 6CDI Racing Ignition Boxes
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14902

E3 Spark Plugs: Racing Ignition Coils
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14903

Strange Engineering: Strange SSeries 9″ Case Nodular Iron – 3.250″ Bore
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14904

Summit Racing: Kirkey 88 Series Aluminum Layback Containment Seats
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14926

Matco Tools: 1/2" Composite Impact Wrench MT2769. Fluid Evacuator MVA6852

Street Rod Garage: Custom chassis for 1973 Chevy Camaro

Edelbrock: Universal EFI Sump Fuel Systems
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14997

Summit Racing: 19701973 Camaro TigerCage
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14994

Summit Racing: Detroit Speed MiniTubs
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14993

Summit Racing: Energy Suspension Body Mount Bushings
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_14998

Permatex: Optimum Black Gasket Maker. Optimum Grey Gasket Maker

Magnaflow: Magnaflow Exhaust Kits
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_150811

DupliColor: Duplicolor Wet Look Paint
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_15083

Holley: 225+ GPH Ultra HP Series Mechanical Fuel Pump
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_15085

Holley: Holley VR Series Fuel Pressure Regulator
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_15084

Jones Machine Racing Products, Inc.: Jones Racing Complete SBC Belt Drive System Kit
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_15087

Summit Racing: Chevrolet Performance LSX/LS7 Single Plane Tall Deck 4Barrel Intake Manifold
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_15086

EBC Brakes: EBC Brakes Yellow Stuff, Red Stuff & Blue Stuff Brake Pads

Level 10: Level 10 Transmissions

QA1: QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft

Magnaflow: Magnaflow Performance Mufflers
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_151351

B&M Racing: B&M Stealth Pro Ratchet Shifter
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_15138

Pertronix: Contour Starter
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_15139

PowerTrain Products: 5.3L Performance LS Engines

QA1: Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

Sunnen Products Company: SV15 Cylinder Honing Machine

The Industrial Depot: Tools, Hardware, Shop Supplies

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