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Ultimate 305 SBC Builds: Mild Street vs Stroker


The guys bring the wellknown but anemic 305 Small Block Chevy into the shop by viewer request. They teardown a used and abused 305 and get it ready for some mild upgrades for the everyday hot rodder. The transformation continues as we assemble our Small Block Chevy with new upgrades. Once it's put together, we’ll put it on the dyno and see if the 305 can make respectable power with some modern touches. Then, we bring our it back for a second round of racier upgrades as we try and squeeze even more power out of this little small block.

0:00 Intro & Baselines
3:06 Teardown
7:18 Cleanup
15:54 Assembly
37:54 Dyno Runs
46:38 Additional Upgrades
58:05 Final Dyno Runs


Summit Racing: Mahle PowerPak Piston and Ring Kit
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_23388_65c254c14...

Summit Racing: Scat Pro Comp IBeam Connecting Rods
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_23389_65c254e42...

ARP: Head Bolts

CWT Industries: MultiBal 5500

Scat Crankshafts: Scat Series 9000 Cast Steel Crankshaft

Sunnen Products Company: Sunnen SV15 Honing Machine

Comp Cams: Keyway Adjustable Billet Timing Set
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_23398_65c25f456...

Duralast: Water Pump
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_23412_65c268e19...

Summit Racing: COMP Cams Evolution RetroFit Hydraulic Roller Lifters
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_23407_65c267f4a...

Summit Racing: Trick Flow Super 23 Cylinder Heads
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_23406_65c26773d...

Summit Racing: Moroso Oil Pan
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_23404_65c26722d...

Summit Racing: Moroso Timing Pointer
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_23400_65c266598...

Summit Racing: Summit Racing Pro Ring Filer
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_23395_65c25da1c...

Summit Racing: Summit Racing Pro SBC Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_23397_65c25e7eb...

Summit Racing: Trick Flow Chromoly Pushrods
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_23408_65c2681b9...

Summit Racing: Trick Flow Roller Rocker Arms
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_23409_65c268468...

ARP: Fasteners

ARP: Intake Manifold Bolt Kit

ARP: Oil Pan Bolt Kit

ARP: Oil Pump Driveshaft

ARP: Oil Pump Stud Kit

ARP: Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge Digital Billet

Duralast: Edelbrock Victor Jr. Intake Manifold

Fluidampr: Harmonic Damper

Goodson Shop Supplies: Cam Bearing Installer

Holley: MSD ProBillet Distributor

Holley: Quick Fuel Black Diamond 750CFM Carburetor

Lubrication Specialties: Hot Shot's Secret Adrenaline Assembly Lubricant

Summit Racing: Trick Flow SUper 23 195 Cylinder Heads
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_23425_65e8cc46a...

Summit Racing: Cast Aluminum Timing Cover
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_23431_65e8d2d11...

Summit Racing: Cometic MLS Head Gaskets
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_23434_65e8d3765...

Summit Racing: Trick Flow Chromoly Pushrods
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_23436_65e8d6dc2...

Summit Racing: Trick Flow Rocker Stud Girdles for Chevy
More Info: https://pntv.us/pn_pt_23439_65e8d7497...

ARP: Rocker Arm Studs

Callies: Compstar Connecting Rods

Callies: Compstar Crankshaft

Comp Cams: Conical Valve Springs

Comp Cams: EndureX Solid Roller Lifters

Comp Cams: Keyway Adjustable Billet Timing Set

Comp Cams: Ultra Pro Magnum XD Roller Rocker Arms

CWT Industries: MultiBal 5500

DSS Racing: Piston Rings

DSS Racing: Small Block Chevy FXK2 Series Piston Set

Edelbrock: Victor E 23 Degree Intake Manifold

Fluidampr: Harmonic Balancer

Holley: MSD ProBillet Distributor

Holley: Quick Fuel QSeries Carburetor 950CFM

Lubrication Specialties: Hot Shot's Secret Adrenaline Assembly Lubricant

MSC: Vectrax Milling Machine

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