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Full Build: Squeezing Maximum Power Out Of A Tired 1986 Camaro Iroc-Z


Detroit Muscle undertakes a mission to squeeze everything that they can out of a tired 1986 IROCZ Camaro, while staying on a strict budget.

The initial condition of the car was poor, with a cracked and rough interior, as well as an underpowered engine. We started with a budget of $10,000, which included purchasing the car and making power upgrades.

The first step was to replace the anemic 305 small block engine with a nitrous huffing 350 bottom end. Then we added go fast goodies and a small nitrous kit, doubling the car's power output.

Next, we focused on the interior, which was filthy and in a state of disrepair. We removed the old seats, dash, carpet, and headliner. Transforming the entire interior for about $1,000.

For the suspension upgrades, we inspected tie rod ends, sway bar links, ball joints, and decided to replace the struts, keeping all within our budget constraint.

posted by masarnpx