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CLEAN FLUSH u0026 SERVICE RV Atwood Water Heater 2.0


This CLEAN, FLUSH & SERVICING video is a follow up to my original 1.0 video covering a RV Atwood Water Heater. I cover more details on how to clean, flush, service electrical items & go over the safety features. This is an important PM item & should be done often. We'll also be looking inside the RV water heater with a Endoscope & show you what happens when you don’t care for your RV Water Heater correctly & the benefits of using a water softener. We’re going to cover all what you need to know & do this twice a year to keep your RV Water Heater working in tip top shape. By doing these water heater servicing steps, you won't be coming to youtube & asking "my RV hot water heater isn't working.

This class will cover, RV Water Heater electrical connections, flushing with white vinegar, the 3 safety features Atwood builds into these units and more. These important annual PM items are pretty much the same for a Suburban RV Water Heater too. The only additional difference is that a Suburban RV Water Heater needs to have it’s anode rod replaced.

We have a Atwood, 6 Gal., LP/Electric Water Heater. Whether your RV water heater has a 6, 8 or 10 gallon capacity, using a 50/50 white vinegar water solution, will remove the accumulated mineral deposits like calcium, magnesium and salts that comes from hard water. Cleaning at least—once year—is a must if you want to keep your water heater healthy and working correctly for a long time. If you're a full timer I highly recommend doing this twice a year. And it’s easy to do. We installed a water softener and it has nearly eliminated these mineral deposits as this video will demonstrate, plus the water softener protects the whole RV from damaging accumulating minerals. If you’re Full Timing in your RV, I highly recommend you install a 16,000 grain portable water softener. It not only will protect your RV Water Heater but the entire RV plumbing system and all your appliances.

If you perform the steps I outline in this video, your RV Water Heater will be “MARTINIZED” and you’ll be able to depend on your water heater, greatly extend it’s life, help avoid costly repairs, frustration and headaches.

Here are steps to reestablish the air pocket at the top of the water heater:
• Turn OFF main power supply to the water heater
• Turn water supply OFF
• Open nearest faucet Hot side to relieve system pressure...leave open
• Open High Pressure Valve by lifting the latch…hold open until water stops flowing out.
CAUTION: Water will be HOT if recently heated
• Then close the High Pressure Valve latch
• Close faucet
• Turn water supply back on


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We are not experts or professional mechanics. But being a journeyman millwright & EX Military, has proven to be very helpful in my lifetime learning how to care for & maintain all sorts of machinery & equipment like: helicopters, airplanes, tanks, motorcycles & many types of other vehicles, along with 18 months preparing & upgrading our RV before we went full time. Regardless of what we recommend, consult a professional if you're unsure about working on your RV. Work you perform or products you purchase based on any information we provide is at your own risk.

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