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All 11 chicks have left the nest!! 79 days from nesting to fledging of Japanese Tit (Great Tit)

しめさん (Shimesan)

The 2021 Japanese Tit, from nesting to fledging, is now available in one video.

This year, the Japanese Tit parents laid 11 eggs, one more than last year, and all of them hatched, and all the chicks left the nest safely, which could not have been more wonderful.
The video was 79 days long, and it was all I could do to fit it into 50 minutes. It's been a long time coming, but I'd be very happy if you could watch it all the way through.

0:00 May 18 Day 1 Decided to move into the nest box and started construction
0:58 Apr 8 Day 22 Start bringing in nesting materials
4:37 Apr 25 Day 39 Egglaying gesture
7:27 May 5 Day 49 10th egg laying, start incubation
8:49 May 6 Day 50 The eleventh egg laying!
10:16 May 7 Day 51 Appearance of a Japanese dormouse
10:57 May 10 Day 54 Visit of a Willow tit and Chestnutcheeked birds
14:05 May 18 Day 62 Egg hatching
21:02 May 19 Day 63 The 11th egg hatching
30:22 May 28 Day 72 Chicks are popping out very fast
38:35 Jun 1 Day 76 Last night for mother to sleep with chicks
45:40 Jun 4 Day 79 Evening: fledging

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Nestbuilding and parenting of Japanese Tit (Parus minor) starting from spawning
   • 【いきなりたまご】産卵から始まるシジュウカラの巣作り 子育て 巣立ちまで ...  

※Click here for daybyday videos.
   • 巣箱速報2021シジュウカラ  

Frequently Asked Questions
Q What are the dimensions of the nest box?
A. Internal dimensions: 100mm X 100mm X 180mm, nest hole 28mm diameter.
Because I couldn't take the time, I stacked two commercial birdhouses on top of each other, and since there were two extra lids when I stacked two birdhouses, I used them to reinforce the front. In addition, a 12mm thick cedar board is piled up to reinforce the nest hole.
I plan to renew it soon.

Q. What kind of camera do you use?
A. I'm using a wired Chinese surveillance camera system sold on amazon for both inside and outside. The reason for using the wired type is... it's inconvenient, but you don't need to put it on the network to use it. I'm still in the process of trial and error, so I may post more details on my blog when I get to the point of stable operation. We only get one or two chances a year, so it's hard to gain experience.

Q Where should I place the birdhouses?
A It is installed directly under the eaves of the front door. Since I have a camera attached to it, I choose a place where it will not be directly exposed to rain. The height is about 2.5 meters from the ground.

Q Isn't the birdhouse too small?
A I don't think there is anything wrong with it, since I have already witnessed the nest leaving three times in a row. On the contrary, I feel that a large nest box might be colder or more difficult for the parents to manage because the chicks might wander around. For the time being, this channel will be using this size of nest box.

※Music: FreeBGM MusMus
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