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I interviewed animals with a tiny mic again


Comment your favourite below :)

NEWEST EPISODE IN THE TINY MIC SERIES:    • I interviewed more animals with a tin...  

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0:00 Giggles (Kookaburra)
0:10 disclaimer
1:04 Boris (Prehensiletailed porcupine)
1:28 Sydney (White/Umbrella cockatoo)
1:41 Wesley (Capybara) (okay I pull up, hop out at the after party)
1:59 Godzilla (Tortoise)
2:08 Spike (Hedgehog)
2:18 Pixel (Argentine black and white tegu)
2:30 Boris does not want a boop
2:44 Momo (African Crested porcupine)
2:59 Sydney giving an insightful take on the series
3:07 Bartholomew (Turkey vulture)
3:19 Mr. Hopper (Colorado River toad)
3:34 Freya (Ferruginous hawk)
3:48 Tootsie Roll (Madagascar hissing cockroach)
4:13 Wesley is spoiled
4:29 Pixel licking the mic for 10 seconds
4:39 Rufio (Red ruffed lemur)
5:08 Kyle (Spinytailed lizard/Uromastyx)
5:21 Disco (Grey fox)
5:38 Giggles still gigglin'
5:47 Surprise
6:02 Passion the Pygmy goat failing basic math
6:14 Forrest (Goat) spinning the mic foam for a prolonged period of time
6:27 Ginger (Pig) is not a fan of the big bad wolf
6:42 Passion's tiny legs
6:58 Forrest proceeding to spin the mic foam for an extended period of time
7:16 Passion pleads the fifth
7:40 Hope
7:56 super secret easter egg :O


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