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Wild Tawny Owls Adopt 6 Orphaned Owlets | Full Story | Luna u0026 Bomber | Robert E Fuller

Robert E Fuller

Tawny owls Luna and Bomber warmed hearts around the world after adopting 6 orphaned owlets.

Watch Luna & Bomber interact live on my nest cam:    • Live From Fotherdale | Robert E Fuller   and follow their story in this playlist:    • Tawny Owls  Luna & Bomber | Wild Liv...  


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Securing a nest

The story begins as this tawny owl pair search for a suitable site to start a family. When they return to last year's nest, they have to fight barn owl Gylfie for it. But the battle is worth it this nest is special to Luna. This is where she grew up as a fostered owl.

Tawny owl eggs

Luna goes on to lay 3 eggs, each 64 hours apart. Look out for Bomber's joyful reaction when he spots the first one.

Eggs fail

After 30 days of incubation, it was clear that Luna's eggs were not going to hatch. Later I shine a torch through them and see they were never viable.

Time to act

While a pair of jackdaws lay siege to the nest, blocking the tawny owl mum inside, I am called out to rescue two tawny owl chicks that have fallen from a straw stack.

A solution

The owls need a mum, and Luna needs babies so I open the back of the nest to let Luna out and clear the sticks. Then I place the chicks inside in hopes that she will return.

Luna welcomes the orphans

Hours later Luna flies back to the nest and spots the owlets. She rushes over and wraps them under her wings as if they were her own. Later Bomber meets them and his reaction is equally touching.

Jackdaws return

But the threat from the jackdaws isn't over and soon they have trapped the family inside. Luna is visibly distressed. Without my help, all three owls would surely die.

Parents compete

Luna, so delighted to be a mum at last, barely allows Bomber a moment with the chicks. So possessive over them, she pushes him away whenever he arrives with food or tries to spend time with them.

Chicks grow fast

With all this love and attention the chicks grow up fast and it isn't long before they take their first peeks outside the nest and flap their wings, ready to fly.

ID Rings

Before they go, BTO licenced bird ringer Jean Thorpe of Ryedale Rehabilitation arrives to clip ID rings on their legs. These are individually numbered and help track owl populations across the country.

Flying lessons

Luna acts as a teacher, encouraging the first chick (named Dusk by our livestream fans) to hop to a nearby branch before launching off into the trees.

More foster chicks

Just as Bomber & Luna's work is done, 3 more tawny owl chicks are handed in. Luna instantly welcomes the first, but it takes the owl parents a few days to realise there are more. Then a third rescue arrives from Doncaster. We nickname him Donny and watch with delight as he is accepted by the family.

All 6 owlets fly free

As I watch all 6 owlets flit through the trees it's incredible to think back at their incredible journey.


I am a British wildlife artist and filmmaker on a mission to share my love for wildlife with the world. As well as creating detailed animal film and art portraits, I promote wildlife tours around the world and do all I can to help conserve and protect wildlife here at my home in Yorkshire. I hope that by putting nature in the frame I can foster a deep love for wildlife amongst my followers.

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00:00 Meet Luna
00:11 Owls Search for Place To Nest
00:42 Fight for Nest
01:31 Luna's Adoption Story
04:32 Luna Lays First Egg
08:38 Eggs Fail
08:39 Jackdaw Siege
09:03 Rescuing Two Tawny Owlets
09:44 Placing Owlets with Luna
11:51 Luna Welcomes Owlets
13:32 Owlets Meet Foster Father
15:22 Jackdaw Trap
20:47 Luna Possessive of Chicks
24:00 Chick's Get ID Rings
29:15 Chick's First Look Outside
30:31 Allopreening
32:25 Flying Lessons
37:24 More Tawny Orphans
43:07 Final Rescue
46:23 Helping Feed Owlets

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